Mar 042011

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday once again! Well, I’m back from my road trip, which was just so wonderful to reconnect to the land we purchased. It was sad to see part of it is being used as the local dumping site. (Have you ever seen The Lovely Bones? Yeah – it’s like that. *sigh*). So, it was good to get down there and find out there is a problem. But, when there is just so much abundant beauty contrasting the ugliness, even when most of the land is barren at the tail end of winter, there is a promise for better times.

With that mindset, I have some ugliness and some promise to share this week.

Well, the ugliness this week comes from the folks we all love to hate: Westboro Baptist Church. Ole Boy Phelps and Company won their case 8-1 in the Supreme Court this week, allowing them to protest at Soldiers’ funerals and other places. I’m not shy about saying I’m not happy about it, as it seems to me we’re letting people who incite violence get some extra legal sway.

Just because one can do something, like holding up a sign that says, “Thank God for IEDs” in front of a mourning family, doesn’t mean one should. The same goes for Code Pink (co-founded by Starhawk) and PETA activists who go beyond merely getting their messages out there. (Many veg*ns, including myself, are rather unhappy with the way PETA goes about their business, so they don’t speak for all of us.) There is a right way, and yes, definitely a wrong way to protest something.

Playing by the Rules

Now in retrospect and to showcase the beauty, I wanted to pass along a posting on the Juggler this week – just in case you missed it. A new book out you really should buy is entitled Playing by the Rules by Justin Crockett Elzie. Not only is this book a personal footnote on DADT, but according to the Juggler article, this is a gay veteran also happens to be coming out of a second closet – the Pagan one.

This shoot-from-the-hip autobiography is kind of a big deal for a number of reasons. The one that strikes me most is that it’s a common belief the Marines are the badasses of the military world – the guys who kick ass and take names smiling. It’s unfortunately a common misconception that gay men anything but fit that definition and therefore should not be Marines. So when proof comes along that breaks such stereotypes and helps garner more support for the DADT repeal and implementation, I’m all about it. I love complex individuals, because they make life more interesting. Therefore, if you read only one military-related book this year, please make this one your choice. Once I have a few extra dollars in my account, I’ll be doing doing the same.

So that’s about what I have for yas this week. But before I leave, I wanted do a bit of shameless plugging to let you all know my Pagan camping book is now in ebook format, and the printed version is (so far!) right on schedule for an Ostara release. Ron and Ryan even talked me into opening a Faceypagez, primarily so I could set up an interest page for the book.

I must say, this time around is a lot different for having a FB page open, because I am not in Secret Squirrel mode, hiding who I am from the Army moms. As my earliest readers know, I kept my identity hidden so as not to cause Ryan any undue problems. Having a Metal Chick/Pagan mom can’t be easy, so I didn’t want my identity to interfere with his training in any way.

I’m also not entirely comfortable having a FB page anyway, due to the vast array of privacy issues. (It’s why I still prefer the original networking site, LiveJournal, over all the newcomers.) I think if I keep things under tight wraps and somewhat generalized, I can manage it. I guess having worked for a collections firm for nearly a decade, it’s made me a teeny bit paranoid about identity theft and whatnot. I guess I need to adapt some.