Mar 222014

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday once again! As I had mentioned to some, today’s posting is an important message. Yesterday, I read the following on my Facebook feed from PNC’s Facebook page:

We have an announcement of some sad news everyone: the technical difficulties that have plagued the site finally overcame my ability to fix them a few weeks ago and myself and the other volunteers helping to keep the PNC online have decided that we’re going to wind down our operations.

I’ll be helping to keep those blogs and bureaus that want to continue to produce content going during the transition so this doesn’t necessarily mean that the blogs and bureaus that you’ve been able to access here are going to completely disappear, only that the super-feed from the main PNC site is going to go away.

Thanks for your many years of support and I’ll continue to keep you informed during the changes regarding new sites that come online.

I already know that a few of the authors are going to continue writing over at the Patheos Pagan channel, so if you don’t already “like” and follow that site, now is probably a good time to do so!

- Dashifen

To color me surprised is one thing, but this just made me sad. So I started asking around what I needed to do. After talking to a few people, I made the decision that today would be the last post I write here.

But!!! This isn’t the end! No way! There really aren’t a whole lot of people covering the military side of Paganism, so I wouldn’t just do that. Some of you may recall last year I was asked to periodically write articles for PaganSquare which is run by the good people who bring us Witches and Pagans and SageWoman magazines. Considering SageWoman has been out 25 years now, that should make folks feel pretty confident in their dedication toward keeping news not just happening but remembered for all time.

One thing you will notice is I won’t be posting on the military news quite as often, perhaps only once a month. There will be some structure set in place so that each article will be specifically written in regards to news that involves Pagan military. But, because Anne Newkirk Niven (the main lady in charge of those wonderful magazines and PaganSquare!!) and I talked in depth over the phone on what it is I do each week, she felt it should be continued but split in two. That means I will indeed be posting each Saturday as always, but in two different areas. The latter will be for an upcoming feature on PaganSquare which is tentatively entitled Chicago Witch. I’ve lived here all my life, my parents grew up here, their parents, and their parents, too. I’ve been told I even have the Dennis Farina/Superfans accent. (Da Bearz!) And, I’ve been Pagan now for nearly twenty years, so the two together makes perfect sense. Okay Anne, no problem. I’m on it.

Also, I was emailed a copy of every post I’ve ever written here on Warriors & Kin. Anne asked I sort through them, and she will put up the “evergreen” articles for remembrance for all time. And here I thought I was going to have a leisurely weekend for a change. Nope!

So, while I won’t be posting here anymore, you will certainly be able to find me and my articles, be they for a military slant or a personal one, on PaganSquare – alongside over 150 other wonderful contributors who are all also Pagan. It’s a good thing to know when a door closes a window is always open, especially when the window is a pretty big one.

Thank you all in advance for continuing to read my articles and valuing my writing the last four years. You’re all awesome people. So as always, take care, and many blessings to you and yours!

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