Apr 062013

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday once again! Did it start getting Spring-like by you this week? Here, we got a taste of it Thursday, and then it dipped again. But Thursday – what a beautiful day! I had a bunch of different apartments to show in the morning, so I was doing a lot of driving around. And in the afternoon, I had gotten a bunch of new apartments to list, so I was doing even more driving around, hopping from place to place to take measurements and pictures. It’s another one of those little things I hadn’t realized I missed so dearly – just driving around on a gorgeous day with the windows down. Ron doesn’t care for open windows at home, as he fears the cat will claw through the screen like he had done once. So for me, fresh air comes from actually being outside, and I revel in every minute of it!

Ryan had also called with good news this week: his MEPS (physical) should be next week due to his paperwork finally being approved. He said he’s been really pushing himself to make sure he’ll have no problems passing the exams, so he’s feeling really good about the whole thing. After that, he picks a MOS (job in layman’s terms) and waits again for a ship date. So for everyone who had sent some positive vibes for him and continue to do so, I once again thank you. Really, thanks so much – Ryan and I deeply appreciate it.

And… and… I have even more good news to share with you: Dempsey in Afghanistan for Exit Talks. They’re guessing 9-10k of the troops will remain, but for he most part, things are finally starting to see a real light at the end of such a dark tunnel. Just in dollars, when you figure the cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan is at least $3.7 trillion, not to mention 6,648 troops who have been killed, it’s about damned time. Of course, that much money spent is a big reason why we don’t have money for other important necessities like chemo treatment for the elderly. CNBC reports the sequester was all chicken little talk, but just like the difference between a recession and a depression is when it affects you, so goes sequestration. Ah well, at least it’s been leaked who the wealthy are that hide their money and where they’re hiding it.

Maybe with the 4,000 Americans included in that leak who are defrauding the system, the amount collected might put a dent in this massive hole we have acquired. Right? Not so much, because it’s simply not enough. Obama’s talking about cutting social security again but is making up for it by cutting his own salary, so it’s all good. Heck, even Biden’s in, but only if his employees are affected. Oh, and for you regulr Joe tax cheats, don’t worry, the IRS is investigating you, too in new and disturbing ways. And of course, whatever savings are made, it’ll all get thrown at North Korea, since they’re already strongly suggesting evacuating embassies. Yep, once again, call me a cynic.

With all this uncertainty floating around, the one thing that personally keeps me grounded and feeling a lot more secure about things in general is socking away whatever I can when I can. Just yesterday, I realized all my scrimping since registering for PSG on the first day has paid off, and that’s in spite of spending $1160 in car repairs in that time. I have actually saved enough money in my Mason jar to pay for my groceries and gas… over 2 months early! And with my moving season already doing so well, I just know I’ll have plenty of extra funding to “stimulate the economy” by making some needful things purchases at the vendors. I’d like to share with you how I’ve been doing it.

There was a system floating around that gradually charts how much to toss in your rainy day fund and come out to $1,378 by year’s end. One Week 1, just throw in a dollar. Week 2, two dollars, Week 3, three dollars – and so on. Now I’ll admit, I’ve jumped the gun whenever possible, tossing in a future week whenever I could. Right now, I’m at Week 17 at $153, which obviously means I’m ahead of myself, since it’s only the end of the first week of April. That means, my next deposit is $18 for Week 18, which I technically don’t have to make for some time, but it feels good to do it anyway. And what’s more, I also go into that jar not to take any money away, but to replace it with 20′s. I fold them in half, back side out, so that the large “20″ is staring me in the face through the jar on my desk. Seeing all those 20′s makes me feel that much more accomplished, rich even, than a wad of singles – that’s for sure!

And how have I been even managing to squirrel away that, again, in spite of unforeseen repairs, and also having to pay taxes (meaning, no refund for us)? That all comes from cutting our frills, which includes “fancy” groceries. anywhere I can go DIY on the matter, I have. Anywhere I can match a coupon to a sale, I have, even clothes shopping. Anytime we go out to eat, we go cheap, which even that is less and less – usually no more than once a week. (“It’s my only day to be fancy!” as Squidward says.) And yes, I most certainly make due with what we have. My purse-style briefcase is on it’s last legs, where I’ve been constantly repairing the straps with leather strapping and double knots. Even at half price, I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend another $50 on a bag I only bought five months ago, even though I load it with heavy stuff and use it every day. Yep, I’m cheap, and I’m not shy to admit that. My $2.50 sunglasses (discounted 90% plus a 30% coupon, but whatever) can attest to my cheapness, but at least I’m not blinded from the sunlight while driving.

Welp, I do gotta get going to do a bunch of showings. The last few Saturdays have been worth getting dressed for, so I have no doubt this one will be any different.

Have a great week everyone, and many blessings to you and yours!

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