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Good morning and happy Saturday once again! So how was your week? Me, I’ve been working hard as always, and we had our son over for a couple days, too, as there was an art show at the Double Door his friend was a part of. So yeah, it was nice to have him over again. My birthday is next Friday, which Ryan said he was going to come over for that, and this time around, the cake will be white with white frosting – not the death by chocolate like for him. It was delicious, but very rich, and Ron could only eat a very small amount, as his chocolate tolerance is low.

So throughout the week, folks were reporting back after Pantheacon, and now there are a bunch of people out at Convocation, and I’m sure this year’s Paganicon will drum up even more attendees than last year. While flying out to conventions is not something I can afford to do, I do appreciate they exist, because the knowledge gained from these events is always shared by several voices. I learn more and retain information more clearly from explanation and casual conversation than from books and hard facts, always have. So yes, I wish I could afford to attend; it’s not just in terms of money but in time. But thanks to the Internet, I can at least read the reports you all send back. Allow me to point out a few articles:

- Setting the Record Straight: Pagans and the Press
- The Fleshiness of PantheaCon
- Ways That Pantheacon 2013 Supported Change for Pagans of Color
- Dispatch from PantheaCon: Preparing for Our Future
- The Week in Review—PantheaCon, Wine, Fox, An Apology

And yes, “Fox” and “Apology” – what’s that all about? That comes from what I saw Sunday morning while I was up clipping coupons. As some of you know, I have Fox and Friends running in the background while scouring for deals, not really paying much attention, but I’m not fond of absolute quiet. (I know, once again, I get the Bad Pagan! smack.) And on Sunday mornings, there really isn’t much on – not even with my fluffed out cable package. So, here I am, getting giddy over $1 off two Oncor dinners (Ron loves Salisbury steak) when I hear the Friends mention the University of Missouri’s acknowledgement of holidays, including those of the Wiccan faith. I dropped my scissors, because I knew this was going to be good, and by good, I mean get the popcorn good, because they’re about to make asses of themselves.

That’s me gearing up for the “Oh No They Didn’t!”

I was not disappointed.

I so wanted to jump on Facebook right that minute and see if anyone else caught that, because even I was taken back by the backhanded-ness, but I didn’t. I had a bunch of stuff to do on Sundays. Pretty much too, because I’m of the rare variety of Pagan that regularly watches Fox News and figured it hadn’t gotten around yet. What I got from the segment was Tucker saying,

“Wow, what a bunch of maroons!”, with Anna somebody, the younger and hotter Alisyn Camerota fill-in, nodding along with whatever the guys and her earpiece tell her to (because eye candy is the purpose of female journalists, doncha know – except token unhottie Gretchen, of course). And then, Clayton Morris “came to our defense” with a,

“Hey, hey, hey now. They’re okay Joes. Sure, they’re a bunch of losers, but they’re alright. Jeez, guys, cut them some slack. Not everyone can be as enlightened as we are. Jeeeeez!”

That’s what I got out of it anyway. As they say, your mileage may vary. Oh and Tucker repeatedly referring to Wicca as Wiccanism over and over was straight up annoying. Didn’t his earpiece correct him?

So anyway, when I finally logged on the next morning, I was again not disappointed with the shitstorm that came of it. So apparently, I’m not the only regular viewer. Yay! Somebody else had to be watching in order to catch that and put it up on YouTube for everyone else. And when people emailed, posted and Tweeted demanding an apology, Tucker tweeted the following:

I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, so I’m not sure of the dimensions of it, but I’m pretty sure that I’m unpopular in the witchcraft community, and I understand why. I probably was unduly harsh. As far as I know, most Wiccans are peaceful taxpayers. I’ve never been mugged by one anyway. So I apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings.

Nope, that just made things worse. So he Tweeted again a little later:

To Wiccans and pagans: Sorry for my pointlessly nasty remarks. Your holidays still confuse me, but you seem like nice people.

Better, but it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. And when I thought that was the end of it, nope. Apparently, Fox News really didn’t want this to die. Bad publicity is good publicity, doncha know. Last night, Bill O’Reilly talked about it a bit, with clippage featuring a friend of mine, Don Lewis from Witchschool. Nothing’s surfaced on YouTube yet, but I didn’t think it was derogatory at all. And at about 5:40am this morning (6:40amEST) on Fox and Friends, Tucker again apologized, sincerely, with a “Well said” comment. (I told you I watch this channel!) So yes, I think we can drop this now, but I do admit I love the fireworks while it lasts.

The thing is, this type of nonsense will be back. Again. And again. And again. Not just for us as Pagans, but for minorities of all calipers, be it religion, race, creed, sexual orientation, or what have you. Sometimes, I think we Pagans are a little hypersensitive, and deservedly so, but yeah, even I saw last Sunday morning’s segment to be blatantly rude. And that’s me saying that, and I do let a lot slide. The thing is, sometimes, you have to call people out on their shit, and with some of the wonderful discussions that just happened last weekend at Pantheacon, the timing For the Friends stereotypical remarks couldn’t have been more awful. Quite honestly, I was surprised they didn’t comment about Wiccans having a bunch of cats in the home, or any far-fetched connection to some type of Harry Potter nonsense.

What I find the most interesting and curious of the whole thing, and perhaps it’s why this whole Tucker issue annoyed me so much, is because Fox News is known as the flag-waving, troop-supporting news channel. Moments ago, they had a segment on how the Green Berets stress the notion of knowing your ancestry, the good and bad, and how their principles can lead to happier, more tight-knit families. Good stuff! And, it’s something many of us Pagans espouse – have a Warrior spirit, know where you come from, care for and depend upon one another. So yes, it kind of puzzles me just six days ago, the same guy who’s sitting there nodding in absolute agreement during this segment can be so appalled when a university wants to make sure their students have time to reflect upon their ancestry and work with their communities, calling it the PC police running amok. Oh, that’s right. It’s a different way of doing things. Right. Got it.

Welp, that’s it for me this week. When I come back next Saturday, I’ll be a year older, and Ryan will be here to share it with me. I’m looking forward to that! I hope you all have a great week as well! Take care and many blessings to you and yours!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your perspectives on the Fox News Wiccan/Pagan remarks and the aftermath. I and others with Lady Liberty League have been responding to this issue in a variety of ways, including talking with Military Pagans – veterans, active duty troops, families, supporters. We sponsor the Fort Hood Open Circle in Fort Hood, Texas, and after talking with Michelle, the Distinctive Faith Group Leader for the group, and learning how upset the Pagan troops there were, I decided to devote my entire internet radio show this past Tuesday to this issue and to have her and others call in and share concerns. Her statement and our entire podcast is on-line: http://circlepodcasts.org We are continuing to provide a forum at the Lady Liberty League page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LadyLibertyLeague and on my main page: https://www.facebook.com/SelenaFoxUpdates Thanks to everyone who expressed concerns to Fox News. Thanks to Fox News for the apology today.

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