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Good morning everyone and Happy Friday once again! Before I get into couponing (including our Clip for the Troops campaign) and personal goings on, I wanted to highlight the news this week:

Brenda Sue Fulton, appointed to West Point board

Brenda Sue Fulton, appointed to West Point board

- Gay graduate appointed to West Point’s board Congratulations all around! I am so excited for her and for the strides our military is making. Just think about it for a moment: In the not too distant past, women couldn’t even enroll at West Point as cadets, much less those who were openly gay. So yes, this is a great achievement that should indeed be celebrated! And speaking of such topics…

- Appeals court halts enforcement of DADT Yep, the military has been told to stop dragging their feet and get on with it already. I know they’re concerned about dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s, making sure the troops are well versed in acceptance, but ummm… most of the troops asked last year already are, and the ones who aren’t? Well, they can either suck it up or do something else. As the saying goes, “the only thing a Soldier has to do straight is shoot”.

- Families of suicide troops now getting letters Y’know, I believe an act of sympathy is a good thing, even if some believe it’s a form of coddling – pairing those “who couldn’t hack it” up there with those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Let’s be honest here: The letters aren’t going to be mailed to the deceased; they’re going to the parents, the spouses, the children – the families left behind. If the letters of condolence offer even a smidge of comfort, then I fail to see the problem. I’m sure they’re mostly composed in bulk, with a mergable fill-in-the-blank area, and the President takes a few moments of his time signing them while he takes a call, so I can’t see how this is going to take up too much of anyone’s time or our taxpayer dollars. In other words, yeah – I like this.

- VA reaches out to female vets across nation And going back to women in the military, here’s something else that piqued my curiosity just this morning that I thought was a solid good. Yes, we have that new-fangled indoor plumbing that needs a little extra maintenance, but 15% of the active and retired military population is quite a large number to not be effectively caring for, so I hope improvements are made quickly.

- Hood shooting suspect will face death penalty My one-word comment? Good. Like Forrest Gump says,
“And that’s all I have to say about th-ayt”.

So how was everyone’s holiday weekend? I know for us, it was pretty slow moving coming in Tuesday. The office party went over very well; almost every morsel of food was eaten, though Ron had to make an additional beer run. I put my catering skills to the test, and everyone was impressed with the variety, presentation, and flavor and yeah – that one person did just about everything.

We both agreed we didn’t want to do any grilling over the weekend, as that was an incredible amount of work. So, we went to a Golden Corral on the 4th instead. According to the guys, the ribs weren’t all that, but I like that place, simply because they have an incredible salad bar. (No really, it’s that good. Even my staunch vegan friends can attest to that!) There’s that, and I get an opportunity to show off my mad soft serve ice cream machine skillz for the kids in line, producing picture-perfect cones every time… right down to the little curly q on top. (I worked at a mall kiosk back in high school, in case you were wondering.)

Besides that, we’ve been all working together to get some home improvements tackled. Our bedroom is now a romantic and spiritual sanctuary, with deep red walls, charcoal black trim and a white ceiling. We rearranged the furniture and installed a wall mount for the flat screen, so we now have a large open center with a black area rug over the hardwood floors. (Yay! Yoga space!) All of Ron’s death metal stuff has been moved, as we shot for a Far East theme. With the extra paint, we went into the living room and painted the (faux) fireplace and mantle, which was originally white, just like the walls. No one even noticed we had such a piece before, but now with the charcoal trim and textured red over the white, it’s become a showpiece!

Perhaps this weekend, we’ll begin working on the walls in there, going for a country, woodsy vibe that will complete the new showpiece. Since my return from PSG, I’ve been itching to do something more Witchy with the main room, pulling things together and developing more or a calming space. We’re thinking sage green walls with a forest green trim, perhaps painting in some ivy as well. There is currently quite a bit of Metal in there, but hey! We like that stuff. I’m thinking to deck out the hallways with that, provided we frame the posters and whatnot. Besides, an autographed Rob Zombie poster shouldn’t be uncovered anyway.

A bundle of savings

A bundle of savings

Because it was a holiday weekend, there was only one coupon insert in the paper for Proctor and Gamble products (shampoo, floor cleaner, laundry detergent, deodorant, makeup, etc.), but I somehow got a hold of quite a few packets. The paper boy delivered an extra paper (by mistake?). Also delivered were Hispanic papers with the same coupons inside. Since there aren’t any Spanish readers in my building, those papers are always discarded into the junk mail bins, which I of course sift through – I don’t be hatin’ on savings. (As I said to the girl at the office, they can be written in hieroglyphics for all I care, as long as they scan!) So needless to say, I amassed quite a few Febreze coupons, among other things. Not. Too. Shabby.

Also, I can only assume someone got lazy on delivering the Red Plum mailers, so when I came home from work Wednesday, I discovered a thick stack of them at my doorstep. More coupons! So what should have been a weak coupon week turned into a bounty! I personally don’t get into massive stockpiling, partly because apartments, even the kind as big as mine, don’t allow for that. But, I’m sure our adopted post in Germany will be rather appreciative. Who couldn’t stand to save on laundry soap – even some of my “dirty hippie” friends?

I haven’t added anything up yet for this month’s campaign donation, as well, we’ve been pretty busy this week. But I can most definitely assure you it’s a lot.

I did want to mention too, I caught Episode 12 of the first season of Extreme Couponing last night. The second half featured a woman who honed her skills while her husband was deployed in Japan, and she briefly mentioned the Overseas Coupon Program (not by name). She said because people from all over the country regularly sent her base tons of coupons, it made living in one of the most expensive places in the world feasible.

So there ya have it – the efforts are indeed appreciated, and I know if our monthly contributions continue to go out, it will help get out the word we Pagans are good, ordinary people, too. I’d like to gear up to adopt another post or base, so please contribute! Send your unneeded/expired coupons to:

Lori Dake – Pagan Newswire Collective
PO Box 306
Chicago, IL 60690-0306
United States

We’re collecting Manufacturer Coupons up to two months expired, but valid ones are fine as well. So if you don’t like Tide but have a stack of them, send them my way. If you never got a chance to use your Newman’s Own Sockarooni coupon before it expired, again, send it my way. Thanks!!

And as they say, that’s a wrap! I’ll be back next week, so until then, take care!

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  1. THANK YOU East Hampton, NY and Gardena, CA for the packets of coupons! I just got back from the post office box downtown and was extremely giddy to see these! Lots of goodies, too, like diapers, toothpaste and shampoo – expensive stuff that young families especially need. THANK YOU!!!

    Oh and BTW – I did a preliminary count before tomorrow’s paper is delivered: over $500!! Not too shabby for a first week out!

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